What to Know About GREENBOX

GREENBOX LLC was founded in 2017, and it is an innovative and leading producer of eco straws with global presence and offices in USA,Canada, and UAE, so we make sure that our clients get a good service and a fast delivery.

Cooperating with of the most renowned research labs in an university in China, and with our global presence, we are in the heart of all future innovations and advanced technologies and at the same time, we are in the centre of the world most evolving emerging markets with huge value and bigger potentials.

All Eco Straws are made of eco and biodegradable materials in high quality and food-grade safe, passed and certifified by global standards mechanism like SGS,FDA and Home Compost reports

GREENBOX goal is to create a plastic free and sustainable straws world.

GREENBOX Mission & Vision

Mission-- Providing 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly products.
Vision--Eliminate non-biodegradable plastic products and equally harmful alternatives.


- 100% eco-friendly
- Innovation
- Quality
- Environmental responsibility
- Transparency and honesty
- Sustainable living

Contacts: Room 2103,Building 1 ,No.3 Yangliu Rd ,

Liangjiang New Area , Chongqing ,China