What does Green Box stand for?

GREENBOX LLC was founded in 2017, and it is an innovative and leading producer of eco friendly products in China , ranging from drinking straws, to natural cutlery and food boxes with global presence and offifices in USA, Canada,and UAE Dubai, and Maldives,which enables us to give good service combined with fast delivery

Green Box is committed to working towards reducing plastic usage and saving our planet by offering a comprehensive range of eco-friendly products that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

We only use natural and sustainable materials for our products which are environmentally friendly, After usage, they can easily decompose and return to nature, hence causing no harm to our soil and sea.

All products are made of eco and biodegradable materials in high quality and food-grade safe, passed and certifified by global standards mechanism like SGS, FDA and Home Compost reports.

Can I become a distributor in my country?

Green Box is constantly finding new opportunities to collaborate with clients all around the world. We believe that through working together, we can create unique and innovative solutions for your needs. we invite you to visit our contact us page. By filling in all the required details, we can gain a better understanding of your needs and preferences. Our team will then provide you with the best possible representation and guidance. We appreciate your interest in Green Box and look forward to hearing from you soon!

How can I go for customer support?

Green Box offers 7 /24 online services

Call/whatsapp/wechat: +86 18723009699

Email: info@greenboxstraw.com

Instant Queries: Leave us a message on:Facebook or Instagram 

Can you do client’s brands or other customized Eco straws

Green Box has an expert customizing service, no matter whether you are a seller on Amazon, a local distributor, retail store, coffee shop, restaurant owner, chain food store or camping club. We can do all customised products

Email us: info@greenboxstraw.com, with details of your requirements, including the logo, artwork, customised package details

We will get back to you with the quotation of Mini order quantity .

Can I get a distributor price ?

Please e-mail (info@greenboxstraw.com) or call (+86 18723009699) with detailed information about your quantities, requirements and other details

We will get back to you within 2-24hours

         Products Care

Will Green Box cutlery ,straws and kraft paper food products are biodegradable e in cupboard or my RV?

Of course not! Our products will break down into natural materials through a process called biodegradability. This natural process happens when there is no oxygen, specific weather conditions and the presence of bacteria.

 stored in the correct environmental conditions. Keep them dry and away from humiditiy

Will Green Box Cutlery and Straws be resusable ?

The bamboo cutlery ,wooden cutlery,bamboo cutlery travel sets ,bamboo straws,reed straws  can be used more than one time if they are cleaned and sterilized

Do I put the products in landfill or recycling?

It depends on your country’s law and regulations . By checking websites of your local council and state or county, the related information on how to properly dispose of waste in your community. From recycling guidelines to tips on composting, these websites can provide you with valuable insights on how to reduce your environmental impact.

What is the shelf life of ECO STRAWS?

ECO STRAWS shelf life is as below

12-18 months in normal environmental conditions


Be sure to keep all items in dry air , away from humidity 

Are there any hazardous materials or chemicals in Green Box Eco Tablewares?

As a responsible and eco-conscious brand, we ensure that all our products are made from high-quality, natural materials. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative and ethical products that are both stylish and environmentally friendly.

Are the straws microwave safe?

The bamboo ,reed and wheat straws can be used in the microwave however, please follow the instructions to avoid any damage or danger, and enjoy your product without any problems.

         Orders & Delivery

How long is the delivery time for my order?

MOQ order : 7-15 days without printing

Customized order : 20-25 days

Whole container orders: 25-45 days

What is the procedure of my purchasing order ?

Send your details inquiry to us by email info@greenboxstraw.com

Our expert team will contact with you ,give the quotation

To place a custom order, provide necessary artwork and details. Sample orders take one week to fulfill with your details.

Upon your approval of the sample, we will then move into the bulk production phase ,normally it takes 20-45 days

Delivery by sea cargo ,30-45 days to arrive in the destination

My order quality is guaranteed?

 At Green Box,we ensure top quality products. We meticulously oversee each item's production, checking for perfection. Our thorough monitoring process includes pictures and videos at each stage of production, allowing quick issue identification and correction. Green Box is committed to providing long-lasting, reliable products for our customers.

For details please e-mail info@greenboxstraw.com or call (86-18723009699) to get more details